Mainz from C-C, from the customs port to the center

(Cover photo by Prof.hc Dr.-Ing.Philipp Meuser - we thank you for making it available)

Customs port (Zollhafen), Neustadt, banks of the Rhine, center

A tour suggestion for first-time visitors to Mainz interested in architecture, who just love it.

It is the Rhine that we roughly follow on this tour, in which direction is up to you. This Mainz from C-C Tour, as well as the Mainz from H-H tour, can also be understood as a suggestion and individually varied and combined.

The system of red and blue street signs in Mainz can be checked on this city tour, red perpendicular to the Rhine, blue parallel to it. The tour begins (or ends) at the 'Zollhafen', a former commercial (customs) port, which in the future will mainly be lined with residential but also some office buildings. An existing building was converted into an art gallery (Kunsthalle). The nearby, architecturally remarkable synagogue, reminds of the great Jewish tradition of Mainz as the 'Schum-Stadt', these were Speyer, Worms and Mainz. Through the Neustadt, the urban planning and individual buildings are worth explaining, we get to the center over the banks of the Rhine. On the partially redesigned shore zone, one can praise the fact that the railway line that once ran here has been relocated to the other side of the city. In the center you can see a varied mixture of rebuilt historical buildings, dominating the cathedral, fifties projects and striking buildings from different decades.

  • Duration: from 3 hours guided tour
  • Getting around: on foot
  • Services: Architect or architectural historian as a guide, choice of meeting point, the exact course of the tour and desired breaks
  • Languages: German, English, Italian

project selection

'Zollhafen' - Customs port

  • Kunsthalle Mainz (Zamp Kelp Neo.Studio)
  • Outdoor facilities 'Zollhafen' customs port (Sinai landscape architects)
  • Wine warehouse at the 'Zollhafen' customs port (Aqua concept)
  • Rheinkai 500 (Lorenzen Mayer Architects)


  • New Mainz Synagogue (Manuel Herz)
  • Stadtwerke Hochhaus (Kissler + Effgen)
  • Cross-generational living (Architekten03, fsIarchitekten)

Banks of the Rhine

  • Design of the banks of the Rhine at the Raimunditor (Bierbaum.Aichele.Landschaftsarchitekten)
  • Rheingoldhalle - extension (Dissing & Weitling)


  • Town hall (Arne Jacobsen and Otto Weitling)
  • Market houses (Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas)
  • State Theater (Schoyerer Architects_Syra; Kauffmann, Theilig & Partner
  • Erbacher Hof (Romero and Wilius, Mayerschmitzmorkramer)
  • Frankfurter Hof (fsIarchitekten)
Model photo of the 'Zollhafen' customs port
Kunsthalle Mainz
Mainz synagogue
Market houses inner courtyard
Downtown Mainz