Mainz from WW, the winter harbor for housing construction - Dreikönigshof, Kupferbergterrassen and Baertschsiedlung

'Winterhafen' - winter harbor, Roman Theater, Upper Town, Kupferberg Terrace

Mainz from H-H, from the winter Harbor to Housing projects - Dreikönigshof, Kupferberterrassen and Baertschsiedlung

A tour suggestion for first-time visitors to Mainz who are interested in architecture and want to see highlights.

The Roman metropolis Mongontiacum, remains of it, will be seen repeatedly in the first part of the tour. In the second part, different residential construction projects dominate, each dealing with the topic of urbanity in their own way. In which direction you choose the tour is up to you. The tours in Mainz from C-C and Mainz from H-H can also be understood as suggestions and can be individually varied and combined.

In the proposed direction, we start at the Winterhafen, a former commercial port that has mainly been converted into a residential area. Nearby is the Museum of Ancient Shipping, in which a Roman ship found in the Rhine can be viewed. We then begin with the ascent and see the tunnels of the railway line that has been moved from the banks of the Rhine to this point. The former 'Mainz Süd' train station is now called the 'Roman Theater', as the trains here now almost roll across the stage of this ancient drama arena. Via the fortress we reach the church of St Stephan. Here, the Chagall windows are a tourist attraction and new school buildings are a destination for those interested in architecture. After crossing the steepest tram tracks in Germany, we reach the Dreikönigshof residential project designed by Swiss architects. The apartments here are oriented towards a series of inner courtyards (but without a king). A little further there is the housing area in Kästrich, from where the Kupferberg terrace offers a beautiful view of the city and the Taunus. Behind the train station, you think you have landed in another mountainous city in view of the steeply winding Baentschstrasse. The street, or rather the alley, opens up this peculiar housing development project from the beginning of the 20th century.

  • Duration: from 3 hours guided tour
  • Getting around: on foot
  • Services: Architect or architectural historian as a guide, choice of meeting point, the exact course of the tour and desired breaks
  • Languages: German, English, Italian

project selection

Winter harbor - 'Winterhafen'

  • Malakoff Terrace (Realgrün Landschaftsarchitekten)
  • Archaeological Center Mainz (Schröllkamp Architektur / Bernhardt + Partner)

Roman theater / citadel

  • Mainz train station 'Römisches Theater' (Roman theater) (Dr. Sever Severain)
  • Citadel (mann + schneberger)

Upper Town

  • Pfarrheim St Stephan and Willigis-Gymnasium (AV1 Architects)
  • St Stephan with Chagall windows
  • Dreikönigshof (Atelier 5)
  • Kupferbergterrassen - Kästrich district

Train station and surroundings

  • Central station (including gmp, Fini Produktions Architekten)
  • Housing estate
Winter harbor - 'Winterhafen'
St Stephan - Citadel - Roman Theater
Kästrich city quarter with a view