Le Corbusier in Oberhessen (Upper Hesse)

An article in the DBZ (7/8-2021) about the visit of Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, he only became Le Corbusier later, in Laubach with his friend August Klipstein and his brother and sister-in-law, the artist couple Klipstein. Jeanneret designed an artists' villa for both of them.
On March 10th I will give a lecture on the subject in the Volkshochschule Giessen.

Figure from the DBZ

Jewish Museum in Frankfurt am Main

Blog post by Paul-Martin Lied in spring 2021 on the 'guiding-architects' website

Dutch high-rise projects in Frankfurt am Main

Blog post by Paul-Martin Lied in summer 2020 on the guiding-architects website

DOM publishers Architecture Guide Metropolitan Region Frankfurt Rhein-Main, published in March 2020

Metropolregion Frankfurt Rhein-Main

Paul-Martin Lied was one of the writers

We will guide you to all destinations, on foot, by bike, bus, and possibly soon also with electric cars, and explain everything you need to know that no longer fits into the short texts of the book.

Links to architectural firms related to the guide:

The newest piece of modern architecture - Frankfurt's old town
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DOM Publisher collectors edition
The Frankfurt issue of DOM Publishers collectors-edition was created with the participation of Paul-Martin Lied

3STEPS Milvus County
In the monograph of the artist group 3steps there is a text by Paul-Martin Lied on the exhibition of 3steps at 'Kunst in Licher Scheunen' (Art in Licher Barns).

Article for the Deutsche Bauzeitschrift - DBZ

2013 / 09 ‚Luxembourg 2013 - European city, banking city, architecture city? A site visit ' - an architectural tour on the Kirchberg plateau and the old town of Luxembourg City

2013 / 09 'Het buro ..., Rotterdam' - Description of a special residential and office building for young people in Rotterdam by Krill Architecture with Christian Müller

Luxembourg - View of the Neumünster Abbey, Grund district, and the Kirchberg plateau

2002/11 'Glass Spaceship' Discussion of the new main building of ING-bank in Amsterdam (Meyer & Van Schooten) - see right

2002/07 'Three times three boxes' - discussion of the exhibition 'UN-Studio unhold' in the Netherlands Architecture Institute

2001/08 'Laborious Dialogue', review of the exhibition: 'JJP Oud - Philip Johnson a Dialogue' in the Netherlands Architecture Institute

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2000/12 'NYC on the Maas' - inventory of the 'Kop van Zuid' Rotterdam

2000/11 'punching machine art' - discussion of the headquarters of the housing cooperative, 'Het Oosten' in Amsterdam (Steven Holl)

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Articles for 'Baumeister'

2005/01 Passive House in Wiesbaden, A-Z Architekten company building

Articles for Informationsdienst Holz

2006 / 01 'Fire protection concepts for multi-storey buildings' Project description for housing construction in Rüsselsheim; Informationsdienst Holz; with Prof. K. Tichelmann and Philippe Frech - p.48

Project sheets for A-Z Architekten - texts, layout by Peter Kohl - see right

Project sheet A-Z Architekten 2005