Architecture + Hiking – premiere in June 2022

Architecture + Hiking - the premiere was nicer than expected, with wonderful weather a combination of interesting wooden architecture and the Rhön from the most beautiful side was experienced for the BDB district group Gießen-Wetzlar.

Thank you to everyone involved for your participation

Guided tours on the Frankfurt Reeperbahn – Summer 2022

The Frankfurt Reeperbahn - you think of red light, entertainment, gastronomy maybe also culture? This applies to Hamburg. Reeperbahn is the North German term for production facilities for ropes, called Seilerbahn in Frankfurt. The former is somewhat hidden between Sachsenhausen and Oberrad rope making of the traditional Frankfurt company Reutlinger can now be discovered, with art, culture, music, entertainment, gastronomy, only no red light, but a vision for urban coexistence. Use ours City events guided tours to get to know.

Skyline Atlas

screenshot Skyline Atlas - We are pleased about the new cooperation partnership with the Skyline Atlas. This website offers an excellent overview of the Frankfurt skyscrapers, current information and articles on topics of high-rise construction - concepts-investors-architects-users - soon from me too

Further joint activities are planned: stay curious!

Le Corbusier in Oberhessen (Upper Hesse)

Currently published in the Deutsche Bauzeitschrift, July / August edition, the item 'Le Corbusier in Oberhessen'

The facts are known, but hardly anyone knows them - Le Corbusier in Laubach - which tempts alliteration, but actually it's still about Charles Edouard Jeanneret, who was a guest in Upper Hesse. An interview with Paul-Martin Lied was published in the Giessener Allgemeine Zeitung on May 29, 2021 under the title 'Memory of a Genius'

the 'Klipstein Tower' in Laubach, which Jeanneret measured in 1911 for study purposes

Through the Geschwister Klipstein Stiftung (Klipstein siblings foundation), which has already brought together a lot about Jeanneret's stays in Laubach, a reading from 'Yesterday and Today' Editha Klipstein, 1948, Laupheim Castle - chapter 'Memories of Le Corbusier' was held in the course of the hr2 culture day on May 30, 2021. Jeanneret's designs for a studio atrium house in Laubach can also be seen in the clip.

Reading on Jeanneret in Laubach - Youtube clip "Visions shared: memories of Le Corbusier" Part I: Laubach

Reading on Jeannerets and Klipstein's trip to Southeast Europe - Youtube clip “Shared Visionen: memories of Le Corbusier " Part II: Istanbul

Reading on Le Corbusier - Youtube clip "Visions shared: memories of Le Corbusier" Part III: Paris

More pieces of the puzzle for the 'Laubach episode' can be found in

  • 'Le Corbusier Reise nach dem Orient', Guiliano Gresleri, 1991, Zurich - Le Corbusier's travelogue
  • 'Klip and Corb on the road', Ivan Žaknić, 2019, Zurich - August Klipstein's travelogue with a reassessment of his influence on Le Corbusier
  • 'Le Corbusier before Le Corbusier' published by Arthur Ruegg, Stanislaus von Moos, 2002, New York / Paris
  • 'Le Corbusier's Formative Years: Charles-Edouard Jeanneret at La Chaux-de-Fonds', H. Allen Brooks, 1997 Chicago / London

Free architecture bike tour in Frankfurt am Main

A Architecture bike tour by Frankfurt parks, free to download to your smartphone.

Simply green - Greening the city - the current exhibition in DAM - German Architecture Museum is due to Corona reasons currently not accessible. Until it is that time again, the tour is suitable as an inventory of the Frankfurt greenery with as the end point, the building that is to become the first large-scale green residential building in Frankfurt.

Tour and exhibition now complement each other well, coincidentally, because the bike tour was organized by Frankfurt's cycling (leading) architects created at the suggestion of the creators of NXT-a, the nationwide Biking Architects tours have published on their website.

The tour is intended for those interested in architecture, cycling enthusiasts, newcomers to Frankfurt, but also architecture and Frankfurt connoisseurs who would like to try this almost circular tour. It leads largely in the green, around the center of Frankfurt but outside of the Anlagen- and Alleenring. A completion of the circuit from Osthafenpark, Campus Westend, Niddapark, Europagarten, Sommerhoffpark - Retour am Main is planned.

The Niddapark - 'Frankfurt's Green'

Our activities were mentioned on the internet

  • The Architecture + wine + hiking offer in the Vacation in Germany section dabonline, the online presence of the Deutsches Architektenblatt
  • The research on the Hahnwald Holiday Center at Kiedrich was on modern REGIONAL made public
Hahnwald holiday complex near Kiedrich - who knows who the architect was?

Rheingau and electromobility

Tours with electric cars to modern architecture is the goal of the cooperation of Oliver Lapp / 100places and 'Frankfurts Führende Architekten'. Corona has slowed us down in this regard. The following three-part clip was created as a preliminary study on the topics of 'mobility, architecture and urban development': Sustainability in Eltville, the advantages of the VW ID3 and, with my participation: ideas for electric mobility in the countryside and impressions from the Rheingau, with a foretaste of tours like them on this site, on foot  Tobe offered.

Mr. Shamoun from the Zeh dealership in Eltville explains the ID3
Third part of the clip: ID3, electric mobility in the country and a stroll to Eberbach monastery and the Steinberg domain

'Passing the pen' - a series of clips from the guiding-architects network on YouTube. 'The pen' has now also been passed to Frankfurt via Barcelona, London and Istanbul.

Check it out:

The 'Frankfurt' part was filmed by

Time for Mainz - architecture and wine

We offer new tours

  • Architecture - Mainz + Wine Tours - see
  • Guided tours with the concrete artists -
  • Classic modern architecture tours - see

The tours can be booked for groups. After the Corona period, we will offer appointments for which individuals can also register. We are already happy to accept expressions of interest and inform you when the time comes.

New Synagogue Mainz architect Manuel Herz

TIME to travel! We are happy to be the tour guide for a ZEIT travel group to Frankfurt am Main. If you want to check it out: just book the trip!

Time to write! Gladly for you - It wouldn't be the first time: Project descriptions and assistance in the translation from Dutch and English for Erick van Egeraat associated architects, Rotterdam, project sheets for A-Z Architekten, Wiesbaden (, Graphic by Peter Kohl, Essay for the book of 3steps, Gießen ( - also various articles for the DBZ Deutsche Bauzeitschrift and the former website a-matter.

Completed - the DOM publishers Architecture Guide Metropolitan Region Frankfurt Rhein-Main

We will guide you to all destinations, on foot, by bike, bus, and possibly soon also with electric cars, and explain everything you need to know that no longer fits into the short texts of the book.

Nederlanders in Frankfurt

Source: Deutsche Bahn customer magazine 'mobil' 3-2020

Hartelijk welkom op onze nieuwe website. Op dit moment is deze allee in het Engels beschikbaar, maar graag organiseren wij voor u rondleidingen in het Nederlands. Natuurlijk kunt u ons ook het Nederlands mailen of bellen. In principe zijn all rondleidingen the u op de website vindt in het Nederlands mogelijk.

We have het heel leuk vinden om u in Frankfurt te mogen te verwelkomen en rond te suffer.

Graag hear we van and YouTube clip