Good tours and profound knowledge are our aim. The team of 'Frankfurts Leading Architects' consists of people with scientific training, with different professional backgrounds, always diverse knowledge and a talent to impart this. But here too, personal marks are valued by our customers. We are united by the fact that we want to inspire you with Frankfurt a / M, Mainz, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Gießen, Heidelberg and Mannheim and thus with the diversity of the entire area between Lahn and Neckar.

Agency founder and director
Paul-Martin Lied - Dipl.-Ing - Architect


architecture tours

2019 Foundation of 'Frankfurt's Leading Architects'

2016 co-founding of (guiding-architects), ga-frankfurt '

2005 Foundation of 'A-Z Architektouren'

Since 1995 architectural tours and excursions

Collaboration in architecture offices

2004 - 2009 Cooperation with A-Z Architekten, Wiesbaden

1993-2003 in the Netherlands

  • 01-10 Architects, Rotterdam
  • Van den Broek and Bakema architecten, Rotterdam
  • Erick van Egeraat associated architects, Rotterdam
  • Mecanoo architecten, Delft

1992 + 1993 in Munich

  • Schmidt-Schicketanz & Partners
  • Fink & Jürke Architects

1982-1990 studied architecture at the TU Darmstadt

Grown at the foothill of the Vogelsberg mountains

Born in 1963 in Gießen

Member of Förderverein Bundesstiftung Baukultur, Richard J. Neutra Gesellschaft

Die Betonisten (Mainz)


- Initiative to convey post-war modernism in Mainz

Edgy, robust, clear - post-war modernism concrete considered.
We are DIE BETONISTEN (the concreteists) and we have the mediation Meenzer Sweets from the time of the often maligned second half of the 20th century written on the flags. As a group of young art scholars, we advocate architecture and urban planning in the post-war decades. Our mediation work is based on extraordinary actions, tours and multimedia campaigns with which we want to draw attention to the specific qualities, history and image of post-war architecture.

THE CONCRETE POWERS: Eva Authried, MA / Jonas Grahl, BA / Dr. Leonie Köhren / Jennifer Konrad, MA / Maximilian Kürten, MA / Leonie Matt, BA / Nastja Müller, BA / Julia Schmidt, MA / Katharina Seubert-Lange, BA / Karola Sperber, MA


Andreas Dierking
MA Eng. BA Arch. – Civil Engineer


born June 11, 1966 Zell (Mosel)

After completing technical training as a precision mechanic and aircraft mechanic (Bundeswehr 4 years) and studying physical engineering, I entered the construction industry.

I noticed this through sales, development and sales management at Paradigma, Baufritz Haus. Construction management at Griffner Haus, Haacke Haus and PuP Haus.

After 300 planned and sold ecological and energy-optimized wooden houses, I also worked in Italy, Spain, France, Austria in various science and construction projects.

After 20 years and successfully raising the children, I allowed myself the luxury and studied Bachelor Architecture (degree 6/12) and Master Future-proof Building (degree 2/16).

2013-2017 I am working in the scientific work in the FRA-UAS, through supervision / construction management at the Solar Decathlon 2014 with 110 employees, developed its sustainability concept and subsequent use. Then research and development of districts and energy planning. (Grid systems)

I gave various lectures and produced publications, mostly in English.

My interest now lies in the sustainable city - and the development of society, due to the current situation (COP 21 / France). The focus here is on economy, ecology and sustainability.

Teaching in the field of sustainability, CAD, building technology. Research and development in the field of "Zero Energy" concepts in the port and viticulture.

I deepened this in 2015 as "Pioneers in Practice" at the Goethe University Frankfurt in the Institute Human Geography and in Modena Italy at the "Agencia di Energia" Emilia Romania.

Since 2017 as a facility manager. Climate protection manager. Energy consultant and auditor BAFA / DENA.

From 2017 to 2019 I worked in the development of construction software and simulation programs for the construction industry in Frankfurt and Cologne.

Since 2017 as a guide for Guiding Architects.

Sunna Gailhofer


Sunna also guides architects and interested parties through Frankfurt, where she has lived for over 20 years. As a freelancer at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum, she organizes exhibitions, archives architects' bequests and writes for books and magazines. Before that she worked in the offices of Elisabetta Terragni, Como, and Ivano Gianola, Mendrisio. Born in Augsburg (* 1967), she studied architecture at the Technical University of Munich from 1987-1995.

Helge Hussmann


Born in Frankfurt in 1965. Grew up in Rheinhessen.

1989-1996 studied architecture in Berlin and Genoa.

Collaboration in offices in Genoa (Ermanno Ranzani), Milan (Mario Bellini) and Stuttgart (Schnell & Schnell)

2000 Founding of his own architecture office in Mainz. The focus is on renovations and conversions (

Member of the Deutscher Werkbund Rhineland-Palatinate and the chamber group team of the Mainz architects.

Since 2010 architecture tours (getting to know the town hall, architect tours Mainz) and co-organizing the annual week of building culture in Mainz.

2019 additional training as a tour guide. Member of the Tourist Guide Association Mainz eV

Show and explain Mainz in all its complexity, explain lines of development and explore structures together.
Well-founded and entertaining show that even after 2,000 years of history, something new is always emerging.

Martin Kuntz


Born in 1959 in Würzburg

Studied architecture at the TU (TH) Darmstadt, 1988 diploma

freelance architect in Würzburg since 1991 'Martin Kuntz Architect'

since 2020 cooperation with Frankfurt's leading architects, architectural tours in Würzburg, participation in 'Architecture + Wine' tours in Franconia

Own offers 'Hiking and Enjoyment on Lake Maggiore'