Advice + lectures


Inform guided tours. With our broad knowledge as an architect and our knowledge of current construction activities, we have also been and still are available to advise you on issues relating to the quality of urban development, architecture and the efficiency of building services. We select sightseeing destinations accordingly, explain the consequences of architectural decisions, explain the positive or negative effects of different building technology and equipment concepts, the advantages and disadvantages of urban planning designs, compare and supplement with background knowledge.

In doing so, we take into account the current state of knowledge on sustainability and energy saving, the findings and objectives of the 'Bundesstiftung Baukultur', the Federal Foundation for Building Culture, the German Society for Sustainable Building (DGNB) and other professional associations and organizations, as well as general experiences of recent years and the current discussion on building and urban development in the media.

We were already active in terms of advice

  • with regular tours for the 'Bundesstiftung Baukultur' - Federal Foundation for Building Culture and the Association of the Federal Foundation
  • for members of political parties
  • for members of the municipal authorities of cities, office managers and employees of building authorities
  • for board members of companies including a Danish energy supplier who were looking for information on how to optimize their own new management building


We know more - than we can explain in front of some buildings, in the heat, rain or wind and in view of the curiosity of the audience, who also want to quickly see what is hidden around the next corner.

Lectures give the opportunity to present facts more systematically, to present a historical sequence consistently or to better explain facts such as building services in their principles with diagrams and drawings.

We are therefore happy to convey our knowledge, for example about the development of Frankfurt and other cities in the Rhine-Main area, the development of high-rise construction, the history of individual buildings or technical aspects in lectures.

Among the team members there are also special focal points on which we are happy to offer a lecture such as

  • Emergence of modern architecture
  • 1950s architecture
  • The creation of the Frankfurt skyscrapers
  • The Frankfurt architectural history
  • brutalism
  • Passive houses and energy-saving construction

Fee for the lectures - see costs