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Architecture & sailing on the Amalfi coast

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Enjoy a sailing trip in the company of architects who will bring you closer to the structural features of the Campanian coast. Following the wind and on old paths, tours and guided tours are planned on the picturesque Amalfi Coast. Take in unforgettable impressions as you set course for the next bay to be fascinated again.

Starting in the Gulf of Salerno, we sail past the temples of Paestum towards Capri.

Here you can visit the famous Villa Malarparte and some important villas from the last centuries. Then it goes, depending on the wind, towards Sorrento and Naples (excursion about ½ day) or Ischia, Procida (film set) or Ponza.

The skipper Andreas (civil engineer and architecture studies) and his colleague Eva (building history) will bring you closer to the history and its architecture.

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Peter von Dzerzawa - photographer and social media specialist

Karl Anton Koenigs - creator of the Kakversum

Holger Zimmer - architect