Dutchman in Frankfurt am Main

An architectural tour in the footsteps of the Dutch in Frankfurt

A tour for Frankfurt and Dutch people who want to learn something about their connection

Something about the most unknown corners of Berlin could be experienced if one met a Dutchman on the train there. In the 1990s, Berlin had outsmarted Paris and London in the favor of young Dutchmen. - and Frankfurt is now the near unknown. The Dutch who made it here are usually thrilled. If the ICE does not stick to defective barriers at Emmerich, then you have an ideal connection - much easier than the Amsterdam merchants in the 15th Century or the refugees in the 16th century, the many connections between Frankfurt and the Netherlands have laid.

The Netherlands and Frankfurt am Main, the connections are diverse, but only at second glance to discover. In addition, this city walk offers opportunity.

The Flemish cities were already significant, Amsterdam was still a village when Frankfurt experienced its first glory days as a city of emperors and trade fairs. This regularly attracted Dutch merchants here. Not quite welcome in Lutheran Frankfurt, were in the 16th century, the Reformed refugees from the Netherlands. It was better with Lutheran Antwerpers, but they kept their service in French. All contributed to the prosperity of the city, and some of the former immigrant families became respected members of the city society. Today, the Netherlands is still Hesse's most important trading partner and Dutch companies are investing here.

The tour starts at the Willy Brand Platz and leads to the Carmelite Monastery, where it is recalled that here in the Middle Ages Dutch merchants of the St. Nicholas Brotherhood found accommodation during trade fair visits. Opposite stood until the war, the White Church, where the Antwerp Lutherans worship.

At the Römerberg we look at a Dutch refugee house and delve into the Frankfurter spirit of the 'Bowwelaach'.

At the Hauptwache we come across modern Dutch investments. Dutch Euros of the investors MAB and Bouwfonds were installed in the palace district by the Bataafsche Aannemings Maatschappij (BAM)

project selection

  • Opera / Acting (Apel, Beckert, Becker et al.)
  • Carmelite Monastery Archaeological Museum (JPKleihues)
  • Golden Libra (Rebuilding: Jourdan & Müller)
  • Palaisquartier (KSP Jürgen Engel, Massimilliano Fuksas)