Skyscraper District

Cover photo by Prof.hc Dr.-Ing. Philipp Meuser - we thank you for making it available

A tour for Frankfurters and visitors who are interested in high-altitude flights and descents

Seit 2023 bieten wir auch Touren in Kooperation mit dem SKYLINE ATLAS!

The air was good on the western outskirts, where the Frankfurt merchants and bankers settled down to the 19th century. In the place of their residential and commercial buildings are now the bank skyscrapers. Recently, residential and hotel towers are still being pushed in between. The air in the office tower construction had become a little thinner.

The unique skyline has become Frankfurt's trademark. In the sixties confusedly started in the Westend, with justifiably much protest against it, the skyscraper development now (mostly) along predetermined axes of the high-rise building plan takes place.

Always a mix of housing many jobs in a small space and status symbol, sustainability has now been added as another criterion.

Between the skyscrapers of domestic and foreign financial institutions and nationally and internationally influential companies, residential and hotel skyscrapers or towers with mixed use are increasingly emerging. If urban planning was the first thing to do so, to make the city more lively, the large demand for housing will now be met and investments will be secured by combating the use of crises in individual sectors.

At the same time, since 2010, there has been an increasing variety of forms - the 'belly swing' of the Omniturm or the dynamic twisted towers of the Frankfurt Four project.

Quick compared Frankfurt with Manhattan. The New York investors Tishman & Speyer, who have been active in Frankfurt for years, prove that Frankfurt is also perceived here, and have paved the way to heaven for a number of striking skyscrapers.

The highest, the most innovative, the first, the newest, the most economical, the bank gorge, water cushion foundations and swimming pool in the penthouse, ascents, descents in finance, two Reichstag builders side by side - let it be told.

project selection


  • Commerzbank (Sir Norman Forster)
  • Taunusturm (Gruber Kleine-Kranenburg Architects)
  • Omniturm (Bjarke Ingels Group)
  • Four Frankfurt (UN Studio)
  • Japan Tower (Ganz & Rolfes)
  • MainTower (Schweger & Partner)
  • Opera Tower (Christoph Mäckler Architects)
  • Deutsche Bank (ABB)
  • Triton (Novotny & Mähner ; HPP ; AS & P)
  • Kronen high-rise (Kohn, Pedersen, Fox)
  • Marienturm (Müller Reimann Architects)
  • Silver Tower (ABB)