Europaviertel, Rebstockviertel

Brave avenue, warped raster

A tour for visitors to Frankfurt and visitors who are interested in large residential areas close to the city center in Frankfurt.

The first Frankfurt airport, the freight yard, the large maneuvering area were traffic facilities that were important for Frankfurt's connection with Germany and the world. Now a wide street has been created here, which is to ensure Frankfurt's equality in the world of wide streets and has taken the plane to Frankfurt with the design for the Rebstockviertel an American architect. 410/371

The name is 'Europaviertel': a million square meters of city, including a quarter of parks, have been built since 2005 near Frankfurt's city center and trade fair. In the fall of 2013, the shopping center Skyline Plaza was opened. It is located at the junction with the existing city and is intended to lure the population with its public roof garden, in New German 'Skyline Plaza', to enjoy the view of the European quarter. It is surrounded by a number of high-rise buildings, including 173 m, the highest residential tower in Germany.

The main axis of the area with about 5000 apartments and finally 30,000 workplaces is the 2.4 km long Europaallee. Started with big buzz words - a street of European dimensions, built by European architects, living up to the financial center of Frankfurt - it became the background for interviews in which politicians and planners express their discontent about the area. Some of the edging buildings are also of a simpler cut. The construction of the South Entrance, the new head office of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung or the Porsche-Tower is therefore eagerly awaited.

The inner-city park, the Europa Garden, was completed after the construction of the tunnel for tram and light rail was completed. On the edge of the future green area, a wooden structure stands out. The observation tower and the restaurant, Arbor, Love, Hope ', were built by the investor to have an attraction early on for all residents in the area.

Via a green connection through the Rebstockpark you reach the Rebstockviertel. As a basis for planning, the American architect Peter Eisenmann has given a distorted grid here. What is unique is that it can be found both in the street layout and in the façade design, the residential buildings planned by various architects.

project selection

European quarter

  • Master plan from AS & P
  • Skyline Plaza (Henning Jost + Gisela Simon facade Jourdan & Müller)
  • Tower One (Meurer architects)
  • Grand Tower (Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie)
  • Praedium (Dietz Joppien Architects)
  • Main administration of the FAZ (Eike Becker architects)
  • Westendtower (Meyer Schmitz-Morkramer)
  • Axis (Meixner Schlüter Wendt)
  • Arbor, love, hope (Franken Architekten)

Rebstock quarter

  • Masterplan by Peter Eisenmann
  • School (Professor Friedrich Planung)
  • Housing (including Berghof Haller, Meyer Schmitz-Morkramer, grid square, AS & P)
  • Office building (including Braun Volleth)